The battery that is included in every MacBook Air models is „integrated,“ that is to say it is not intended to replace by customers and isn’t „swappable“ like the battery in „pre-Unibody“ MacBook and MacBook Pro models.

It is true that the MacBook Air battery is replaceable but it’s not easy. Thankfully it doesn’t require soldering and Apple did not hold the battery to the case by using adhesive or adhesive, neither.

Official Replacement Option

In the official sense whenever the battery life for each MacBook Air drops enough to warrant the need for replacement — or is no longer covered by warranty, one is required to supply Apple with the complete MacBook Air for service.

More information is available on the company’s website and prices vary in various countries. However, in the last time it was update, it’s priced at USD$129 within the US as well as C$149 within Canada (originally 209 dollars), PS99 in the UK (originally PS159), and A$199 in Australia (originally A$229) to require Apple repair the battery (including batteries).

If you are close to the Apple Store, you can choose to have same-day service by making an appointment. If not choose to visit an Apple Store, you could get the battery replaced via mail, which can take 3-4 days.

Self-Replacement Option

Although it’s somewhat of a stretch to talk about replacing batteries as an „hack“ per se, because it’s quite simple you can easily to replace the battery on your own.

The battery replacement yourself will not only save some cash however, it can also help you save time. It can also be more secure since you’re not required to hand over the entire notebook over an outside company. But, make sure that you purchase a good battery. A battery that is not of the highest quality may not be able to hold a charge the same amount of time as a premium one, however, it could leak, or even trigger an explosion.

AnandTech is the very first to detach MacBook Air’s original MacBook Air and discovered that it’s not hard to change the battery, but it will require the removal of 19 screws.

The replacement process is very similar to the following models. But, beginning with the „Late 2010“ series, Apple utilizes 5 point „Pentalobe“ screws (which some call „Security Torx“ screws) on the outside to severely discourage users of „tinkering“ with their computer. The battery assembly is also fitted to the computer using the T5 Torx screws. It’s not that difficult to change this battery on these kinds of models, it only requires a screwdriver that is more obscure.

Battery Replacement Summary

Anyone with a little technical expertise can easily change the battery in this MacBook Air models themselves if they decide to make the change. The replacement of the battery is only a quality, compatible battery and the appropriate screwdrivers or screws.

It is not enough to stress that it is vital to choose a good battery. Batteries that are not of the highest quality may not be able to hold a charge longer than a high-quality one, but they could be leaking, swell or even cause fire.