TelePresence: The sharing economy and social innovation

TelePresence: The sharing economy and social innovation

03.04.2013 event

In April, we will run two TelePresence events, kindly hosted by the Social Innovation Exchange (SIX) and Cisco. You can read more about SIX TelePresence events here

Our first TelePresence on April 3 will look at the sharing economy. Lisa Gansky, who presented at the San Francisco workshop last year, will give an update on her work with Mesh Labs. Discussion will be based around two themes:

  • The concept of the sharing economy. A world where access to goods and services trumps ownership now has major traction. The concept is being proved by the success of numerous organisations that are using innovative sharing platforms to change the way people consume.
  • What is next for the sharing economy? In this session we will have an opportunity to hear from those who are helping to co-ordinate and develop the community of sharing projects in North America and Europe.  What are some of the challenges of bringing sharing models to scale? We’ll also consider what these models mean for the larger economy. What are the different roles that each sector must play in promoting and enabling this movemen.

We will be jonied by participants from London, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Paris, New York, San Francisco and Pittsburgh.