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Social Polis: Social Platform on Cities and Social Cohesion

Social Polis is an open social platform for dialogue between scientific and policy communities as well as civil society organizations and networks on priorities for research on Cities and Social Cohesion. It is a forum for debates on economy, polity, society, culture and ethics across the city as a whole and in a variety of ‘urban’ life spheres. It provides for joint workshops and conferences at which research agendas and modes for future joint research will be developed. Social Polis will make four substantive contributions to research on urban dynamics in Europe:

  • a focussed, critical state of the art in research on cities and social cohesion;
  • a research agenda for the 7th Framework Programme;
  • establishment of a social platform uniting the research and stakeholders communities in furthering urban studies and research;
  • the production of educational resources for analysing the challenges of urban cohesion.

The overall objective of Social Polis is twofold: to elaborate a research agenda on cities and social cohesion which focuses especially on the role of cities in social cohesion, and on the key related policy questions, and in doing this to create a platform where stakeholders and researchers can contribute their views and discuss what that agenda should be.