Social innovation in local government

Social innovation in local government

07.03.2013 Blog

Is social innovation a phenomenon that should take place completely detached from the realm of government? Should local governments just let go and let social innovators invent and drive the local social solutions?

In a new debate paper written by John René Keller Lauritzen from the Danish Technological Institute, it is argued that local government plays a crucial role in driving local social innovation. Although social innovation is very much about promoting solutions which come from society itself rather than from the top down, local governments are still important players when it comes to bringing actors together and facilitating local action.

The paper introduces the concept of social innovation in a local government context, discusses its potentials, and provides an insight into how local authorities can promote social innovation and integrate it efficiently as part of their everyday activities. It concludes that in order for local governments to reap the full benefits of social innovation, they should increasingly move from being “fixers” to “facilitators”.

Read the paper here.