Social frontiers: the next edge of social innovation research

Social frontiers: the next edge of social innovation research

24.07.2013 Blog

Nesta, Tepsie and Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) are hosting Social Frontiers, a research conference on social innovation at GCU’s London campus in East London on 14th and 15th November 2013. 

The global field of social innovation is gathering momentum. Yet despite thriving practitioner networks and a real commitment from policymakers and foundations to support social innovation, empirical and theoretical knowledge of social innovation remains uneven. Even though there are many organisations working in this field, much more could be done to bring these networks, organisations and individuals together.

This is the aim of Social Frontiers, to build and strengthen the community of social innovation researchers. By bringing together a multiplicity of voices and perspectives on social innovation we hope to strengthen and extend existing networks, share learning, promote collaboration, identify gaps in knowledge and work together to build a common research agenda for the next decade.

A call was launched for papers in February and our distinguished panel selected 27 papers which will be presented at the conference. The final list is here. Finalists will be coming from around the world to participate in the conference and we have speakers from as far afield as Canada, Columbia, South Korea, India, Australia and China.

Social Frontiers is fully subscribed. If you would like to register for live streaming and join the waiting list please contact