Social engagement of Poles

Social engagement of Poles

24.07.2013 Blog

The study “Social engagement of Poles” carried out by the research institute TNS for Groupon Poland clearly shows that Poles appreciate the potential for joint action. The majority (61%) of Internet users, questioned about whether Poles can work in a group, replied affirmatively. Even more of them (82%) declare that cooperation and action in the group gives them satisfaction. Almost 90% respondents believe that by working together they can achieve much more than acting alone. Opinions differ as to whether or not it easier to organize common action “for” or “against” something. Half of the respondents believe that it is easier to organize common action if they want to protest against something, and 40% state that co-operation fosters support for a common idea and to the desire to implement it.

The majority of the respondents (70%) have noticed activities of ordinary people or non-governmental organizations trying to solve social problem, to draw attention to a problem or to protest against something. The growing optimism towards joint action is paralleled by  a notable barrier, namely 71% of Poles say that there is a lack of capacity, space, and initiatives in which it would be easy for people to get involved and only 21% express opinion that there is a positive space for social initiatives. This could indicate that the scarcity of certain “social infrastructure” or insufficient promotion of the existing solutions are considered as real barriers to social engagement in Poland.

It is clearly seen that people are much more willing to engage voluntarily in group activities when they believe in meaning and effectiveness of that activities and when they feel a kind of responsibility for their environment. They must also be conscious that the solution of the problem depends directly on their engagement, not on involvement of the local authorities or central government.

The Internet is now the most popular place to promote initiatives that bring together the community around them. The survey commissioned by Groupon shows that up to 84% Internet users express their opinions in the Internet forums  in matters important to them. It turns out that many people, as many as 50%, assess quality of products and services, almost 40% participate in discussion forums, blogs or online communities and make friends informed about current social actions. As many as 75% respondents are of the opinion that consumers, organizing and acting together, can have an impact on companies decisions concerning their business, and 68% would like to take an active part in the development of products and services offered by companies. Social activity is clearly correlated with education level, 78% of higher educated people express a desire to be engaged in social activities.

The survey results show that people want to be involved in co-operation with manufacturers and service providers, and believe that by working together, can effectively influence the company. In opinion of 92% of respondents, the Internet makes engagement in social issues much easier.

The Polish Social Engagement Study was conducted by TNS on behalf of Groupon Poland Poland on May 31 – June 5, 2013, CAWI method, representative group of 500 Internet users aged 18-60 years.

The full report is available here.