Social Economy in Poland

Social Economy in Poland

14.09.2014 Blog

Nationwide Meeting of Social Economy (NMSC) is organized in Warsaw, Poland on 23 and 24 October, 2014.  It is the eight Meeting and, as in the previous editions of NMSC, organizers invite social entrepreneurs, representatives of public administration, social welfare institutions and the labour market, activists supporting the social economy, journalists and local entrepreneurs for active participation. The main subject of this year’s NMSC is the labour: what it brings, its future and relationship with the social economy sector. Decent employment, especially those at risk of exclusion, is one of the most important goals of the social economy. At the same time changes in the social, cultural and economic spheres in a significant way transform a meaning and understanding of labour. What role to play in these changes will have a social enterprise? Will social enterprises boost employment in these groups, which today no work is extremely painful? Can the values, that make up the social economy, strengthen work ethic and on the other hand will contribute to increasing the efficiency of the Polish economy? Discussions on these and other topics related compounds of labour and social economy are envisaged at the conference.

An important context for the conference will be the celebration of the twenty-fifth anniversary of regaining freedom and Polish transformation toward building market oriented economy. Therefore, the final session, summarizing the conference, will serve not only to discuss the course of individual panels, but also to look at what role the social economy plays in social change, and what answer SI can give to contemporary challenges. Here is the program of the NMSC conference.

Another important anniversary will be celebrated also at this year’s NMSC, namely the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the Standing Conference of Social Economy (SCSE), a forum of organizations working for the development of the sector. More information on SCSE can be found at

This year the NMSC is organized by the Foundation for Social and Economic Research (FSER) and the Centre for Human Resources Development (CHRD), in collaboration with the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy (MLSP). Apart from FSER, CHRD and MLSP, a number of important institutions and organizations, such as the Institute of Public Affairs, Auditing Union of Co-operatives, the Kozminski University, PwC, EKON Association, the Space-Time-Identity Association, Foundation for Civil Society Development are actively co-working in the preparation of particular sessions.

Bronislaw Komorowski, the President of Poland,  is the honorary patron of the conference.