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Social Innovation


Social Innovation, Governance and Community Building

From Territorial Innovation Models (TIM) to Alternative Models for Local Innovation (ALMOLIN), over the last 15 to 20 years, the European scientific community has led a debate on regional and local innovation, which had a strong impact on socio-economic geography in other continents, and especially in North America.

Today the Territorial Innovation Models (TIM) that emerged from this debate are up for critical evaluation. Mainly because of their economist bias and their technologist view of innovation, their relevance for balanced socio-economic development, good governance and community building is being put into question.

There is an increasing need to confront these TIM with a ‘new’ type of literature dealing with integrated area development (IAD) and social economy initiatives at the local level. 

The role of civil society and social innovation (satisfaction of neglected human needs, innovation in governance relations) is particularly stressed in this new literature. But practical experiences in ‘économie sociale’, the ‘secteur solidaire’, the Third sector, etc. can also serve as starting points to formulate proposals for Alternative Models for Local Innovative Development (ALMOLIN).