SI in the Public SectorServPPIN

SI in the Public Sector



ServPPIN is a research project which focuses on the role of public and private services on growth and welfare and the particular role of public-private innovation networks (PPIN). Public-private innovation networks are considered as an organizational device in which public and private services can perform complementarities and synergies in many ways. The full title of the project is: The Contribution of Public and Private Services to European Growth and Welfare, and the Role of Public-Private Innovation Networks SERVPPIN is a Collaborative Research Project co-financed by the EU 7th Framework Programme, under the topic: The implications of developments in the service economy for the European economy.

ServPPIN objectives


  • To investigate the linkages between services, economic and social growth , in understanding the contribution of service innovations in the current economy and society and any differences that may exist between the public and private sectors.


  • To understand how public-private sector interactions function , and how they can be better managed by private and public sector policy-makers to increase performance and welfare
  • To understand the characteristics of public-private service networks that induce innovation, growth, employment and welfare.