Social EnterpriseSELUSI

Social Enterprise


Social entrepreneurs as “lead users” for service innovation

SELUSI stands on two distinct but synergetic research pillars. One pillar aims at furthering our understanding of emerging social ventures across Europe, approaching the phenomenon from various angles. The other pillar strives to further our understanding of open service innovations, exploring the possibility to link-up emerging social entrepreneurs as “lead users” with established corporations in open innovation projects geared towards generating novel service design concepts.

The project places an emphasis on economic, managerial and behavioural perspectives with empirical, theoretical and experimental methodologies. SELUSI tries to combine complementary and novel data collection possibilities. It will develop and analyse a unique panel dataset on the organizational behaviours and founding decisions of 800 emerging social ventures in early phase of firm maturity, as well as conduct various lab experiments the purpose of which is e.g. to better understand innovation performance under a variety of incentive schemes given heterogeneity in pro-social preferences. SELUSI experiments with action-oriented research. It will collaborate and pilot-test SELUSI service innovation mechanisms with real-life companies and social entrepreneurs.