Postgraduate studies on Social Innovation in Poland

Postgraduate studies on Social Innovation in Poland

19.10.2014 Blog

One of the most known Polish private university, Kozminski University, organize for the first time postgraduate studies on “Social innovation in the economy”. The aim of the study is to present important social problems through innovative models to shape a new relationship between business, society and development. Studies will prepare graduates to become actively involved in existing communities for change and act as leaders in all three sectors: private, public and non-governmental. Graduates will be able to competently develop, evaluate and implement innovative solutions and business models aimed at improving the quality of life based on the cross-sector cooperation.

The program is aimed at people with experience of project management and managing people in a variety of organizations: commercial enterprises, NGOs, public administration, social enterprises. The studies are designed primarily to management and business development departments entrepreneurs seeking new market opportunities.

The acquired knowledge and skills will enable graduates to not only putting accurate diagnoses of social problems, economic and organizational, but above all to design and implementation of effective methods of sustainable solutions. Graduates of subsequent editions together with lecturers, trainers and practitioners, will be invited to develop innovative social networking platform (Social Innovation Lab), in which the participants will use common knowledge (crowdsourcing), and allow the first market test solutions prepared in individual enterprises and partnerships.

Cooperation between different sectors is prerequisite for effective social innovation. Implementation of innovations involving stakeholders is a response to the specific needs and social problems contributing to the strengthening of the value associated with the interaction and implementation of the common good. The knowledge and skills acquired during their studies will be particularly useful in the current situation of long-term instability and the depletion of natural resources, energy security disruptions, changes in legal and political challenges of demographic, social exclusion, poverty, deteriorating access to public services. These conditions intensify because of the need for socially innovative solutions based on a long-term vision of sustainable development.

This new studies has been created as a result of close cooperation with experts in the Business Ethics Centre for Social Innovation and Kozminski University, Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Sciences, the United Nations Global Compact and the GoodBrand & Company Poland.

Studies are directed primarily to the management of business development departments and entrepreneurs seeking new market opportunities. Studies prepare and reinforce change leaders, and facilitate community building leaders.

Curriculum of the study include, among others:

• Social innovation in companies practice

• Social and economic principles of innovation

• Innovative economy and its form

• Global action for social innovation and sustainability

• Sustainable development at local and regional level

• Green modernization in the enterprise

• Intersectoral cooperation for sustainable governance

• Technology for social innovation.

Studies are designed for people who have a passion in the planning and implementation of innovative changes to improve the quality of life in accordance with the principles of sustainable development, as well as to adapt to the new economic and social challenges. Participants should have experience of project management and managing people in a variety of organizations: commercial enterprises, NGOs, public administration, social enterprises.