Launch of Social Innovation: Communities

Launch of Social Innovation: Communities

15.03.2016 event

February saw the launch of the new Social Innovation: Communities project funded by Horizon 2020

This innovative and exciting project aims to develop an enabling environment for social innovation by taking a multifaceted approach that works across the whole field and supports innovation in a variety of ways, from developing networks of innovators to experimenting with ways of scaling innovation. The cross cutting work packages include engagement, experimentation, learning and network development. This Social Innovation Community will engage with actors including researchers, social innovators, citizens and policy makers in order to help create a context where innovative solutions can more effectively contribute towards solving societal challenges. Central to the aim of the project is the deepening and strengthening of existing social innovation networks, the creation of new links to actors and networks hitherto not included in the field of social innovation, and the forging of links between networks through the creation of a ‘network of networks’.

The skills of a broad number of organisations are being brought together in this consortium in order to help establish this community in order to support opportunities for growth and to tackle to the current social and economic challenges facing Europe.


Photo: Armelle Ledan Prade (2016)