International Conference of Social Innovation

International Conference of Social Innovation

17.06.2014 event

The ‘Internaional Conference of Social Innovation‘ is being held at the Lodz University of Technology in mid-June. The aim of the conference is to discuss the latest scientific research and practitioner experiences related to common challenges in the field of social innovation. 

The conference will be a platform for views exchange, connecting theoretical aspects with their practical use.

Presentations may include:

1. Individual social innovation case studies.

2. Theory of soial innovation.

3. Design and implementation of social innovation.

4. Financing social innovations.

5. The use of ICT for social innovation.

6. The role of interdisciplinary teams in the creation and implementation of social innovations.

7. Barriers to social innovation..

8. Social innovations – new dimension of social responsibility.

9. The role of technical and medical sciences in the creation of social innovation.

10. Social innovations which tackle challenges of civilization.

11. The idea of open social innovations.