SI in the Public SectorINNOSERV

SI in the Public Sector


Social platform on Innovative Social Services

INNOSERV is focusing on identifying the future potential of innovative services including the multifaceted activities of different stakeholders as well as the policy frameworks at different levels of governance geared to address the needs of citizens.

The INNOSERV platform will take a wide vision to reflect the complexity of the different perspectives on social services and how they work together in today’s social/health/care systems. It will look at services as a process of socialisation by which responsibility is accepted by societal institutions to support individuals in their daily life and seeing individuals not as isolated beings but as part and parcel of social entities of different kinds.

This project will be driven by a consortium that brings together key representatives of the research, practice and policy communities in the field of social service planning and delivery to mutually assess recent trends in science, practice and policy, identify knowledge gaps and propose research questions and agendas to address them. An important feature of our project is the use of innovative, low-threshold communication means, such as films/podcasts/visual sociology to overcome the communication gaps between these worlds and reach out to a wide audience of scholars, practitioners, policy makers and service users.

Overall, the platform will be organised around four aspects:

  • Investigating, identifying, evaluating and reflecting upon innovative practice in the provision of social services across Europe,
  • Identifying and systematising the theoretical discussion on innovation in service planning and delivery,
  • Linking up the empirical evidence and theoretical discourse to identify gaps, inconsistencies and demand for further research,
  • Assessing the issues identified and proposing research agendas for various aspects of service planning, provision and evaluation.