Impact Hub Athens says "Hello Impact"

Impact Hub Athens says "Hello Impact"

29.11.2013 Blog

At the beginning of November, we have participated in the “Hello Impact” event which took place in Athens, Greece. This event was the second step towards the launch of the Impact Hub Athens, member of the Global Impact Hub Network, which aims to provide a co-working space, networking services, inspiration and collaboration through events, workshops and discussions with distinguished people from all fields of work. Starting with “HUB Yourself” at the end of June, the Impact Hub Athens team presented their intention on bringing the Hub in town. After three months of hard work, the Impact Hub Athens said “Hello Impact” and thus, created a complete Hub experience.

During this two-day event, a lot of interesting issues were presented and discussed. A session on “New opportunities for impact” took place introducing the learning & design programmes around social entrepreneurship, business making and scaling. Another important session was that on “Exploring impact” whereby different methodologies and valuable content on prototyping & simulating social innovation was presented. Among others, successful young entrepreneurs presented five different ways to finance a start up and also four social entrepreneurs representing Loft2work, Vouliwatch, Eumelia and Noesi also presented their work and talked about their participation and experience as members of Impact Hub Athens.

We had the pleasure to hear different representatives from the Impact Hub Network, Hinnerk Hansen, managing director of the HUB, Alberto Masetti from Impact Hub Milan, Cezar Neaga from Impact Hub London and regional coordinator of the social impact award in CEE countries (Austria, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia) and Nikolaus Hutter, who shared with us their experiences as being part of this global network.

Representatives also from well known local and international organisations were also present; Mr Gerhard Braunling, European Commission’s officer in social economy issues and Mr Xaris Makryniotis, Managing Director of Endeavor Greece, talked about the role of societal stakeholders; and also, Mr Andreas Roumeliotis, journalist and researcher, talking about the the impact of collective actions.

More information on the future activities of Impact Hub Athens could be found here.