Hospital Simulator in Poland – the only one in Europe

Hospital Simulator in Poland – the only one in Europe

07.08.2013 Blog

Its official name is ‘Laboratorium Ratownictwa Medycznego i Procedur Medycznych’ (Emergency Medicine and Medical Procedures Laboratory). Such ‘hospital simulator’ is the first and only one in Europe. The Laboratory is operating in Suwalki Park of Science-Technology, North-East of Poland. The Laboratory, packed with modern equipment and phantoms of patients, allows the simulation of hospital operations and its individual components such as: emergency department (SOR), intensive care unit (OIOM), surgery operation unit, post-surgery and labour ward.

– This is the first such advanced laboratory in Europe. None of the previously active in academic centres places, similar to that in Suwalki, offers such a comprehensive testing capabilities and simulate “real” hospital in everyday work, says Robert Palka, the European Advisory Centre.

Interestingly, the laboratory is supplied with a real hospital equipment, rather than teaching apparatus and instruments. This allows the medical staff to study hospital situations extremely close to natural environment.

Laboratory consists of several rooms. Going into it, you can achieve the feeling of being in a “normal” hospital. Starting from the room, which get shipped in the hospital patients (SOR), through the surgery room, post-surgery and OIOM.

Created situations are exactly as they are found in hospitals – along with all the necessary apparatus, medicines, tools. The ultra-modern phantoms are connected to diagnostic equipment (e.g. such as ECG) and all the possible ailments and diseases can be programmed and simulated. Phantoms have a normal reactions – floating chest, convulsions, and even – the light-sensitive eyes. It all gives the impression of communing with the patient. “Patients” respond to medications administered or taken actions and decisions of medical personnel-such as defibrillation. The most advanced phantoms – an adult and new-born – you can “meet” in the OIOM.

The lab was located complete the delivery room with phantoms – the emerging and new-borns. This allows you to test taking delivery or neonatal care in the first minutes of life. It is worth noting that, depending on your needs, you can program any additional complications – such as heart disease of the mother.

It is possible to simulate numerous failures (such as medical equipment malfunction during surgery, and even test situation of cardiac arrest of a member of the medical staff). Such situations – although extremely hypothetical – are really possible. Thanks to that abilities it is possible to test different styles  of work organization and efficiencies of alternative procedures.

It is planned also to extend the project by the ambulance simulator, being the only such advanced equipment in Europe. The ambulance will simulate the entire trip – having regard to weather conditions, time of day, time of year, traffic jams, etc. The ambulance occupants will have further impression of a real vehicle, e.g. if the driver will drive on a rough road, the ambulance passengers will feel adequate experience. It’s important to staff ambulances, forced in such conditions to lead such an action as resuscitation during transport to hospital.

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