Help showcase the best ICT-enabled social innovations in Europe

Help showcase the best ICT-enabled social innovations in Europe

24.06.2015 News

Calling all Social Innovators – help us to help you!

We are looking for exceptional cases where Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) have boosted social innovation and created better and more cost effective welfare services for citizens across Europe.

If you have a case to share, we’d love to hear from you!


And please do circulate the questionnaire to your relevant networks.

The Young Foundation and the Zentrum für Soziale Innovation on behalf of the European Commission´s JRC-IPTS are gathering evidence to support the European Commission´s DG EMPL and EU Member States in the reform of their social protections systems: we need your help to collect sound cases of successful ICT-enabled social innovation and understand how they can be better sustained at the local, national and European level.

The best initiatives will be further investigated by the European Commission´s JRC-IPTS with the support of the Young Foundation and included in the IESI Knowledge Map, which will be widely circulated within policy makers at EU, national, and local levels, to inform their future social-policy innovation.

Further details on the IESI project

In the context of the Europe 2020 strategy and the Social Investment Package, the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (JRC-IPTS) in partnership with Directorate General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion engaged in a 3 years research project on “ICT-enabled Social Innovation to support the Implementation of the Social Investment Package” (IESI). Through the project, the European Commission is looking for exceptional cases where ICT has been used to boost social innovation and create better and more cost effective services for citizens all across Europe. The scope is to understand how to better sustain and scale these initiatives at EU, national, and regional levels in order to leave behind the crisis and re-ignite inclusive growth in Europe by investing in people capacities and capabilities throughout their lives.

In the first year of mapping, 70 initiatives covering a diverse range of fields (health and social services, civic engagement, housing, childcare, education and training, employment and employability, social inclusion, active aging and long-term care) were found and analysed in depth by the Commission Researchers. The reports can be accessed here.

Now the Young Foundation, helped by a broad network of partners, is supporting the JRC-IPTS to extend this body of knowledge by directly involving practitioners from all across Europe, facilitating exchange of information and collaboration with the Commission.

For any questions on the survey please contact:  ​

For any question about IESI please contact the IESI Research Team: JRC-IPTS-IESI-PROJECT@EC.EUROPA.EU