Event: SI Europe- Berlin (22nd -23rd June 2015)

Event: SI Europe- Berlin (22nd -23rd June 2015)

06.08.2015 Blog

From the 22nd to the 23rd June 2015 Social Innovation Europe (SIE) held an event in Berlin:Exploring Ecosystems for Social Innovation.

The event brought together diverse participants in order to explore key issues in social innovation including:

  • How to create effective eco-systems for social innovation in Europe.
  • The roles for Governments, civil servants, businesses and foundations.
  • How to think differently about funding models and the management of risk.
  • How to create a ‘culture of innovation’
  • How to collaborate to develop a joined up approach to supporting innovation

The event had more than 70 participants in attendance from Europe and beyond. The discussion included insights from the implementers of front line policy makers as well as those people working at the policy and research level and therefore provided a useful space for consideration of the full scope of the innovation ‘eco-system’ and for the sharing of diverse experiences.

The conversations in Berlin proved so interesting that on the 29th June Transition and SIE chose to host a webinar building on the ideas discussed at the event. The discussion was led by Louise Pulford, of the Social Innovation Exchange (SIX), and Ryan Little, from the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt, who covered questions of how we can create a more joined up and holistic approach to supporting social innovation in Europe.

That webinar is now available to listen back to.

The full agenda of the event is available online

Slides from presentations given over the course of the event are here:

A video which outlines the events outcomes is also available online.

The productive conversations that took place in Berlin may be built upon at the upcoming event to be hosted by The European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA), in cooperation with MindLab, on Wednesday 28th October 2015: ‘Improving Effectiveness and Efficiency in Public Service Delivery through co-design and co-creation.’ This event is aimed to be particularly of interest to public sector innovators and people involved in or aiming to be part of public sector innovation. You can find out more and register to attend this event here.


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