European CSR Award Scheme

European CSR Award Scheme

08.07.2013 Blog

The Commission in their effort to enhance the visibility of successful Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities and to disseminate good practices, launched the European CSR Award Scheme for CSR partnerships between enterprises and other stakeholders, alongside CSR Europe and Business in the Community, UK. This specific scheme is supported by Alliance Boots and implemented by National Award Partners together with national stakeholders.

The National Awards accomplished in 30 countries reward winning partnerships in two categories: partnerships involving small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and partnerships involving larger companies. Partnerships had to involve at least one business and one non-business partner and to fall under the theme ‘Corporate Social Responsibility: Partnership, Innovation and Impact’. Winners were celebrated at both a National CSR Award Ceremony, as well as at the overall European CSR Award Ceremony in Brussels on 25 June 2013, organised by the European Commission.

The Greek European CSR Awards were organised by the Hellenic Network for CSR (National Award Partner) with the support of the Greek Parliament and under the auspices of the Ministry of Development, Competitiveness, Infrastructure, Transport and Networks.

The winning partnership in the SME Category for Greece was the initiative “All together, we can” ( with leading partner the Radio& Telecommunications Enterprises S.A. (SKAI) and non-business partners the NGO Apostoli, the Athens Medical Association and the Association for Protection and Restoration (Penteli Mount, Ymittos Mount, Parnitha Mount). The main CSR issues that were addressed included environmental protection, community impact/engagement as well as health & wellbeing.

Since 2010, SKAI’s initiative “All together, we can” was embraced by many citizens across Greece. This specific campaign involves a number of different activities addressing important social problems (food, health, environment, clothing, etc.). The two very important innovation elements of this campaign were the use of all available “trailer time” and also the transformation of the respective audience from merely informed listeners to active citizens. SKAI offered all available non-programming and non-advertising airtime to focus on the issues of social solidarity and the environment. The audience was called to participate in food & medicine collection campaigns as well as reforestation and neighborhood cleanup activities. Indicative of this situation is the fact that SKAI 100,3 FM utilised a total of 735,840 seconds of airtime for a total of 24.528 call-to-action messages; 54,600 seconds were also used for a total of 2,016 messages on SKAI Television, as well as 120,960 seconds of airtime for 4,032 messages on its two music radio stations. Coverage on the internet was well spread, with a total of 14 million banner impressions on SKAI and other group websites.

Under the umbrella ‘All Together We Can – in Medicines” the campaign for the collection and dissemination of medicine, brought about partnerships with the Athenian and regional Medical Associations, local Medicinal authorities across Greece, and the major Medicine Logistics organisation “Social Mission” Medical Office. The result was the collection and dissemination of 233,600 medicines distributed to medical and municipal social offices in 69 municipalities. The Social Medical Office of the Athens Medical Association alone recorded 1.38,487 usable medicines, which were distributed to patients with chronic diseases and to patients under no social security scheme.

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