If you’re looking for an easy and secure method to sell your old mobile phone, Media Markt is the place for you. Media Markt is a leading electronic retailer that has stores all over Europe and provides customers with the possibility of trading in their old devices to receive store credit or cash. If you sell your phone on Media Markt, you can maximize the value of your old device and enjoy their incredible prices.

What to Consider Before Selling Your Mobile Phone at Media Markt

If you’re considering selling your mobile phone that you no longer use at Media Markt, there are some things to take into consideration. The first thing to take into consideration is the state of the device. Media Markt only accepts phones that are in good condition and have no physical or functional damages. It is also crucial to be aware that some types of phones might not be accepted by Media Markt due to their condition or age. In the end, it is essential to know the price of your device to ensure you are getting the best value for your money.

Where to Find Media Markt

The physical stores of Media Markt are located in more than 20 countries all over Europe. They are conveniently located in towns and cities of major importance and all the details needed regarding their locations can be located through Media Markt’s website. Media Markt website. Customers can also purchase several of their items on the internet.

Smartphone Models for Mobile phones which Media Markt Accepts

Media Markt accepts a wide range of models for mobile phones from top manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, Huawei and LG. In addition, Media Markt also accepts older models of mobile phones, as long as they’re in good working order and free of physical or operational damage.

Media Markt Payment Options

If you sell your old mobile phone on Media Markt, customers have the option of receiving their payment in cash or credit to the store. In addition, they can be paid via PayPal and bank wire transfer.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Selling Your Mobile Phone at Media Markt

Selling your old mobile phone on Media Markt will be a quick and easy procedure. Here is a step-by-step procedure to ensure you get the most value from your mobile phone

Step 1: Find out the market value for your device to ensure you’re getting the most competitive price that you can at.

Step 2: Take your device to an Media Markt store and speak to an agent.

Step 3. Give the representative all the information necessary regarding your device, including its model and condition and date.

Step 4. The representative will examine your device to find out if it meets the requirements to be accepted.

5. If the device is accepted, the rep will send you an offer to purchase the device.

Step 6: Select the payment method you prefer and then complete the transaction.

Final Considerations

Apart from the above steps in the list above, there are additional things to bear to keep in mind while selling your old mobile phone on Media Markt. It is important to back up all important data prior to selling your phone. Also, it is crucial to keep in mind this: Media Markt can only accept devices that are in good condition and free of all physical or operational damages.


Selling your used mobile on Media Markt can be a excellent way to get the most value from your phone. If you follow the steps above, you will be able to easily and quickly sell your phone and get paid in cash or credit in the form of store credit. Media Markt also offers unbeatable rates, making it the ideal place to sell your old mobile phone.