Innovations in Public Services

Innovations in Public Services

17.06.2013 event

This one day seminar, a joint event between the Third Sector Research Centre and the UK~Innovation Research Centre, will explore the assumptions concerning the extent and meaning of innovation in public services. The challenges of encouraging innovation will be examined and issues related to overcoming barriers discussed.

At a time of public sector funding cuts and a growing interest in new ways of delivering services, there is a need to examine the role of different types of providers  in the process of innovation.  There is therefore a need to examine the role of the public sector organisations, third sector organisations, private sector organisations, and others that cross the boundaries such as mutual forms and spin outs.

Confirmed speakers so far include: Alan Hughes and Michael Kitson (University of Cambridge), Stephen Osborne and James Rees (University of Birmingham) and Fergus Lyon (Middlesex University Business School)


If you are interested in attending this event please email:, explaining your interest.